The evening was filled with excitement as the long awaited launch and rising of the flags was much anticipated! Slowly the guests arrived; the tables become full and the only sound one would hear was the murmuring of the guests and contained laughter.

The beautifully dressed ushers smiling and pimped for the event like icing on a cake. The caterers, bar men and the servers all steady and desperate to grace the evening with their magic. The drinks started coming and the snacks followed. I tell you there was enough for everyone (And this is not the best part).

Then the speeches from the Honorary Consul, Mr. Nzeyi Amos, the Guest of Honour Hon. Okello Oryem , Ambassador H. E. Busgeeth and Mr. Elly Karuhanga Honorary Consul of Seychelles in Uganda. It was a wonderful and promising evening for relations between Uganda and Mauritius. A lot is going to be done to benefit both parties.

Now the best part (You have to agree with me), everyone expectant and quite, the Minister announces the Consulate fully Launched and functional. Then more drinks and food flood the floor and the live band starts to serenade the atmosphere with their vocals. Isn’t that a good evening? Take a look at some of the pictures!

Amos 6jpgA8jpgAmos Nzeyi003jpg