Uganda and Mauritius, how similar are they?

Uganda and Mauritius are very similar and also very different. But this article while endeavour to look at the similarities between these two countries. Historically Mauritius and Uganda both received their independence from Britain. This therefore renders that most of the law, official structures and even the official language is greatly influenced by the British. Uganda and Mauritius both use English as the official language and their judicial system is based on the English judicial system. They both recognise the International Court of Justice and  are other International organisations correspondingly.

Both are members of the COMESA. Having attained their independence from the British as stated above, this renders both countries beneficiaries and compliant to the COMESA regulations. One of the benefits is that Ugandans and Mauritians can travel to either country for short vacations without a VISA. Just a stamp at the airport, better get your bags packed!

Now moving on, Tourism is a very promising sector for both countries. despite the fact that the numbers vary, they both attract a fair share of the basummer to enjoy their sun, the cuisine, wild life and great landscapes.

Blend of cultures, Uganda and Mauritius have a multiple of cultures from around the world, from the fine luxurious cuisine of the European restaurants to the tasty curries and play on spices from Asia. Indians, Chinese, the french, the British people can all find a piece of their home in a restaurant.However it is just to say that Mauritius is far ahead on this element considering that they have Indian - Mauritians and Chinese - Mauritians fully Mauritian and Creole.

Both countries have a very successful and established sugar industry which means that if exploited, one could benefit the other. Talking about things to be exploited, one can not stress enough the opportunities in IT, Textile, food and beverage sectors etc . Mauritius is a small country which means that it doesn't have the very large enormous fields like Uganda to grow food to feed all it's people.

  Now I do not want to exhaust everything so that i would deny you the surprise and adventure of finding discovering some on your own.

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