What opportunities await Ugandans in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a very rich country however it is not all self sufficient on its own. Given its size, most of the resources are imported with a ready market to consume them. The fair taxation system in Mauritius which currently stands at 15% uniformly and the trend of sharing office space, many multinational companies have found place in Mauritius and are comfortably carrying out their businesses there. To carry out business in Mauritius one will definitely have to first make the necessary registrations and be granted the right licenses so as to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

On the opportunities one can exploit in Mauritius, the ones that i think are most evident are, Agriculture, Information Communication Technology, Sports and Tourism and Hospitality.

Agriculture for me tops the list because there are two entry points here, either to engage in the primary stage or the secondary stage. For the primary stage one will have to be a self employed farmer or trainer in Mauritius; deal directly with the growth of food that will later be sold. The secondary stage will mean that the individual will have to get the produce else where and sell it in Mauritius raw or process it for sale. There is also no limitation as to just one stage, one could engage in both primary and secondary stages. It  also may be of importance to note that the government of Mauritius for the 2019/2020 budget has allocated a fair percentage towards the development and boosting of agriculture.

Information Communication and Technology is definitely one sector that one can not ignore in the 21st century. The government of Mauritius in the effort of marking every thing computerized and the internet rates relatively lower in Mauritius, very many ICT elites and companies are finding it favourable and convenient to operate in Mauritius. French, South African and Indian companies are some of the many already drinking of the Mauritian honey. Business Process Outsourcing can also be categorised here as most companies will outsource these processes so as to cut down on their operational costs.

Fitness and Sports; Millennials today are most interested in keeping fit and working on their mental, physical and general well being. It is therefore correct to say that in any developing country or semi developed like Mauritius, there is a need for fitness instructors and trainers. In the budget 2019/2020, Mauritius has planned to develop its sports sector and engagement of schools in sports in order to promote a health population. It is therefore not suprising to see the sprouting number of gyms in every municipality and fitness fanatics filling up the national gyms. (Some Nigerians and Cameroonians are already playing and enrolled in certain Mauritian teams)

Tourism and Hospitality are ever present and potential sectors to explore in Mauritius, the white sand that covers the beaches, the interesting marine life and certainly the blend of cuisines are very appealing factors to consider as one expands into Mauritius. This sector benefits very many people either directly or indirectly and most often than not, the spending pattern of Mauritians will coincide with the tourism seasons because this is when they also earn more.

The above are just highlights of what might be possible to do but please go ahead and do further research as everything here is not bible truth. There are also other sectors that may be of interest but are n0t discussed in this article. Go forward and as the consulate we are always here to guide and help. For further information regarding business, follow this link: http://www.edbmauritius.org/.